Friday, December 24, 2010

That Devil Watches me Sleep...

Evelyn put a pine needle tree in my room. I made some embellishments for it. They are based off of Indonesian puppets.













This Mandala went on the top of the tree.

This is what the backs look like:

If anyone wants one of these, I would be delighted to mail it to you all the way from the Netherlands! Cheers, happy holidays.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


This is a map of the city of Naarden, it's where I'm living right now. It officially became a city in 1300. Its city hall, which still stands, was built in 1601. The "Father of Modern Education", John Amos Comenius, is buried here.
Those blue lines in a star shape around the city center is water. Its a big moat. Once the place fell under attack by Spaniards and everyone in the city was almost murdered. I live outside of the fortress.

This is one of those heart shaped pieces of land in the middle of the water (the picture is taken inside the fortress).

This is what you see after crossing the bridge, upon entering the fortress. People live here amongst all of the canons!

This is outside of the fortress again, a picture of their church at the city center.

The city owns deer and a peacock.

As you can see, I'm playing the part of tourist. I'm still looking for playmates...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who can help me now?

This is perhaps one of the hardest things I've ever done.

January 1998, through a long string of circumstance I was separated from my father. My father chose a different life for himself, one that didn't include me.
I am now here with him in the Netherlands trying to find some answers.

I am literally walking in my father's shoes.
Skipping through the streets of Amsterdam.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hi Y'a;;ll!

Its been quite some time since I've put anything down here. Scott and I are back in Seattle, doing well. I'm back in School. Scott is still writing.

I have a video camera now and I'm testing the ways in which I can manipulate that. We'll see what comes to fruition. Who knows...some of it may end up on this blog!

Things to occupy your time:

The band I play with, Stephanie has a myspace!
We will be releasing a tape WITHIN the next few months with GGNZLA records. Woot!

Booklist -
With William Burroughs, A report from the bunker by Victor Bockris
The Process - Brion Gysin
Esoterrorist - Genesis P. Orridge
Cosmos - Gombrowicz

that should be good until the winter quarter is over.

Happy New Year of Our Lord, Y'All!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Red Mango Curry

Portland, is a place where a lot of my friends move to. I don't know why. I've never been there, on an extended stay.
The only way I've experienced Portland is driving through it. This last last time driving down to LA, Scott and I stopped @ Nikolas's Lebanese restaurant in PDX, per recommendation of Chris Brown. When we were paying for our bill, two women at another table were looking at us and laughing. After a few minutes they ended up offering their leftovers to us. Which we accepted of course.
A lot of artists I'm fascinated by have moved to and from Portland within the last two years.
In Seattle I met a freejazz Shaman, we'll call him Shane. He told Sarine and I that we could sleep in the hay at his barn in Portland, if we ever came down to visit. He said he had a telephone and that we could call him at the given number. He was a nice scoundrel. He was in his late sixties and kept hiding his retainer, that held his false teeth, in the couch, or in the dish rack, or on the edge of the bathroom sink so that people would sit on it, or find it and be shocked. He had curly-curly grey hair that he wore in afropuffs and his pants were some of the strangest bell-bottoms I have ever seen.
I never took that trip to visit Shane. Not yet, at least. I still have his number.

Last night, Scott and I made a wonderful red curry with Mango. I would have entered it into a contest. It was THAT good.

I interviewed for a telefund position in Downtown LA yesterday. The job would have me raise money for democrats. Scott didn't do well on his interview, it might have been too much emotionally, poor guy. Maybe Scott and I can get jobs at the LA Gay center, or whatever its called.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Empty Spaces, Excesses of Light

Scott and I made it down to LA! We found a place within a few days of living there. I have built a desk out of a bed frame and old red door that were chucked behind our apartment. It is nearly complete.

We're enjoying talking about what kind of a place our new home should be: what things we'd like to pursue, the sorts of things we will be shying away from. There is seriously some big decision making that is involved with deciding whether or not you should have a couch. I am considering all of the hours I've been lost on a couch. We're trying to create an environment with a focus on making plans and following through with them. So far, without the couch this has been realized! Maybe will have throw pillows or ottomans.

Now that were down here, money is running out, fast. I WILL find a job soon, I'm good at that. For the first time in a while I'm feeling the presence of poverty. It has this discomforting way of reminding you how REAL the situation is that you've found yourself in. Making good financial decisions can be disheartening. Wants and needs become more clear. Its easy to get lost in an identity of poverty and humility. I am focusing on staying busy and doing small things that get me closer to whatever goals I have (school, art, being more of a loving, perceptive and understanding individual, etc.).

That said, compared with Washington state, it is WAY difficult to get food stamps here. We were at the department of services for at least four hours! Now that I'm "eligible" there is a long list of documents they need to give me an EBT card. I'll show them I need it. I'll show them how bad I want to eat what I want for free/next to nothing!

This evening Scott and I made dinner per usual. It was our first dinner at our new place. It consisted of fettuccine, fresh tomatoes, garlic, onion, thyme, bay leaves, lemon juice, a serrano chili AND squid. Halfway through the meal I was turned off by the squid. It was chewy and there was too much of it. Its like a poor man's scallop. I don't think I'll be using it again unless its chopped up fine for ceviche or something of that sort. Beyond the squid the meal was delicious.

There is SO much light and heat here. I sweat all day and night long. Its good but I forget to drink water. I generally have no problems hydrating. The thirst sneaks up on you. I peed and noticed that I hadn't been this dehydrated in months and months.

Things are changing quickly. I'm noticing myself creating new rituals and amending my old ones. Moving to another city is one of the things I really love about life. New challenges and experiences are like a wild mental fuel. I feel brave. I feel powerful.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Radio Ibrahim

Shadi Ghadirian Qajar Ghetto Blaster